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Test Reports

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Test reports are available in for the following products:

Motor Silk™ Engine Oil Additive File Type File Size
Reduced Fuel Consumption PDF 1.66 MB
Reduced Deposits PDF 128 K
Solvency PDF 398 K
Reducing Wear PDF 562 K
2-Stroke Engine Performance PDF 32 K
Electrical Contact Resistance PDF 405 K
Improved Fuel Economy, Reduced NOx, Reduced PM PDF 651 K
Oil Analysis, Wear Metals ppm GIF 15 K
Oil Analysis, Wear % Change GIF 18 K
Oil Analysis, ppb % Change PDF 14 K
Oil Analysis, % Change per Mile GIF 18 K
Oil Analysis, ppb per Mile GIF 16 K
Improved Fuel Consumption JPG 33 K
Newton Friction Coefficient Test GIF 32 K
Newton Scar Width Test GIF 36 K
Motor Silk™ Diesel Fuel Additive File Type File Size
Flask Oxidation Test PDF 27 K
Improved Fuel Economy, Reduced NOx, Reduced PM PDF 651 K
Reduced Fuel Consumption PDF 19 K
Lubricity PDF 145 K
Lubricity II PDF 5 K
LubriSilk™ Grease File Type File Size
Fastener Torque Tension Tests PDF 2.76 MB
LubriSilk™ C-200 Chain Lubricant File Type File Size
ISO 14593 Biodegradability Report PDF 366 KB
Certificate of Biodegradability PDF 150 KB
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