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Reference Articles

Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format Received

Advanced Lubrication Technologies has received HOCNF Certification for our entire family of LubriSilk™ Greases.  These products have been proven to not harm aquatic life in European Tests, and may be used in aquatic and marine applications.

HOCNF Short Form (671K PDF)

Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc. Products
Receive ISO 14064 "Process Conformant" Certification
(Jan 2007)

"Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc.'s (ALT's) Boron CLS Bond® motor oil and fuel additives have undergone product performance evaluations and review in accordance with the ISO 14064 process, allowing for the quantification of resulting Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions. These measurable GHG reductions, that have been identified through this robust assessment, lead to GHG credits attributable to ALT's Boron CLS Bond® motor oil and fuel additives that can be sold or traded on Carbon exchanges.

ALT has undertaken this process (approved by Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada under ISO 14064), with Jomini Environmental. Jomini has been authorized to be ALT's exclusive partner to evaluate, quantify and validate each deployment of those relevant Boron CLS Bond® products, and to follow through on the ISO 14064 process. A successful "validation" of said deployment process by Jomini Environmental, Inc. is required for the trading and/or selling of the attributable GHG credits. Some restrictions may apply."

CSA Confirmation Letter (247K PDF)

Source: Jomini International, Inc.

Technion Report on Motor Silk™ Engine Oil Treatment and Diesel Fuel Additive Improved Fuel Economy and Reduced Emissions

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