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About Our Products

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Motor Silk™ Engine Oil Additive -
A Breakthrough in Lubrication

The Boron CLS Bond™ chemistry in Motor Silk™ is micron to submicron size - so tiny that particles penetrate into the tightest clearances between metal sliding parts. Once there, the particles are mechanically dispersed and chemically bonded to all metal surfaces in the form of a permanent, yet super-slippery protective boundary layer.
You can get a warranty to protect the major drive components of your car, truck, SUV or heavy duty truck from high cost component failure for up to an additional 100,000 miles when using Motor Silk products.
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  • Reduces friction, lengthens engine life.
  • Boosts gas mileage, and cuts emissions.
  • Add to your engine oil in 10:1 dilution.
  • Lasts the lifetime of the engine.

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Applications Chart

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The LubriSilk™ Family of Lubricants -
Chemistry So Unique, It's Patented

LubriSilk™ is a totally new family of synthetic lubricants formulated with a patented boron-based ingredient that was discovered at a leading national scientific research laboratory.  An active chemical process creates a permanent micro layer of extremely low-friction crystal lattice molecular structures that become part of the metallic surfaces.  This technology is not available anywhere else.
Click here for a Comprehensive Applications Chart showing our Entire Product Line (15K PDF)
  • Provides maximum lubricity, wear reduction, and corrosion protection
  • For extreme pressure and temperature applications
  • Highly adhesive, waterproof & nonstaining

1997 Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc.
U.S. Patent #5,431,830 by ARCH Development Corp., Argonne, Illinois.

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