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Case Study

An ALT fleet customer wanted to test the cost-effectiveness of using Motor Silk®. In order to determine whether average fuel economy for its fleet improved after treatment with Motor Silk®, the company set up a 3 month test. The fleet used for the test consisted of over 6,100 delivery and passenger vehicles with gasoline engines.

The company routinely records maintenance, miles driven and gas consumed by each vehicle in its fleet. To establish a baseline average fuel economy for comparison, the company used its records for the test vehicles during the same 3 month period of the previous year. To minimize the effect of other factors that could influence the results, the company used the same vehicles and maintenance routines during the test period. The test vehicles were treated with Motor Silk® according to the standard instructions for use.


Before Treatment

After Treatment

Testing Period 01/01/07 - 03/31/07 01/01/08 - 03/31/08
Miles Driven 27,126,464 30,085,972
Gallons Used 1,430,167 1,384,921
Fuel Economy 18.97 mpg 21.72 mpg

Overall fleet average fuel economy was improved by 14.5% (200% ROI)

Based on 18.97 mpg average fuel economy before treatment with Motor Silk®, the company estimated that it would have used nearly 1.6 million gallons of gas to fuel its fleet for the 30 million miles traveled during the test period. At 21.72 mpg, the fleet actually used less than 1.4 million gallons, a savings of over 230 thousand gallons. Given that the national average price of gas was approximately $3.10 per gallon during the test period, the company estimates that it saved over $450,000 (net) by using Motor Silk®, for a 200% Return on Investment in just 3 months.

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